my xmas vacation

My xmas vacation was really good I spent lots of time with family and lots of time with friends i got good presents and I went sledding with my brother and it was his first time and he had so much fun. STEVE thinks i have been tryin to avoid him but i haven't!!! im lazy and my cell phone stayed in my car the whoe entire weekend not charged up!! I dont have caller id or VOICE mail so my bad. Im not mad at you for wakin me up at 10 i just wanted to sleep cuz i hadn't got to sleep in for a couple of days. You'd be able to tell if i was mad well if you read this you can call me tonight i might be out with some friends but your welcome to join me. Well im gonna go get some food so have a great day
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Christmas makes me HAPPY!

WOW today was really fun. Besides the fact that i want to kill my mom and brother and the air force guy is on my nuts to make me do something that i don't want to i had a good day. My friend "s" got me a present and so did another girl from my other job and it was my favorite thing in the world POWERPUFF GIRLS!!! and it has BUBBLES on it so i am so extremely happy=) and i had to go surveying or whatever and it sucked cuz it was cold but me and "s" decided that the snow interferred so we went back and we wasted THE WHOLE DAY. HOWEVER "s" isn't gonna be there anymore after tomorrow which makes me sad cuz i won't have as much fun and ill prolly screw everything up =( and mr bob will yell at me OH NO! so yeah i have to go clean or something >=( so ill just have to write a little later HAVE A GOOD DAY
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nO tAlEnT

I've been quite perplexed by the fact that I MISTY have no talent. I don't play sports, or an instrument and i don't sing WELL I dont usually dance unless im drunk and im usually to drunk to know if im dancing good or not. so basically to sum it all up i don't do shit. I'm 17 and i have not talent i can't think of ONE thing i do that would be considered a talent. I can chug some stuff pretty good =) but i still don't think thats a talent and if it is i shouldn't be proud of it. I do write poetry and people tell me its good but usually i throw it away. I like to write novel (especially romance novels, because I like the way the author uses words like pulsating member for PeNiS) But i have about 3 floppy disks full of stories that are unfinished. I start on these really good ideas and then just NEVER finish. ok but i just got mad because theres nothing on tv outta all the fucking channels i have not one thing looks good out of all tv in general there are only about 15 good shows 10 of them being cartoons and one of them being all my children which i got hooked on when i was out of a job for over a month. Whoever "reads" my journal will just have to bear with the fact that im going to write about practically nothing because i just like to talk and i couldn't write this in a journal because im too lazy to write all of this out and i type pretty fast so it works out I go off on tangents on really dumb topics that really don't have anything to do with life? but whatever I think if something is really bothering me or i get realllly mad this is going to help me relieve stress. Sex is supposedly supposed to relieve stress but i personally thing that a guy just made that up to get some.. NOt like i have anything wrong with sex i just think its overrated UNLESS you get with one of those guys that i would like to call SEX GODS and in this whole wide world there are only like 10 of those and i know 1 and its just not right because hes my really good friend =( (i plead the fifth on how i know hes a sex god =))Umm yeah so since i think i actually might have run out of things to talk about i think id better go before i find something else !!!! because ill go on for another hour or so so Everyone and anyone have a wonderful day ! =
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Watchin some ToOns

WHaSsUP!!!~~~ I'm at home chillin and watchin some simpons. I had some pretty nasty chicken noodle golly green giant stuff for dinner it was nastiness but i think i can find sompin else to eat. Ne waz at work today I had lots of fun cuz my new bud "S" made me laugh a lot...i just prolly laughed cuz of all of the markers i sniffed but whos watchin anyways right. "S" usually makes me laugh which makes me happy that i found a new friend cuz im usually mean to lots of people because I think they are dumb, HOWEVER "S" is a good kinda me and im glad that i met him HOWEVER he is leavin me to go burn himself up and i think work won't be nearly as fun which will suck.but when he leaves i hope we can still hang out cuz you can't lose good buddys because they only come around ever 84574 days...thats a proven fact by the way =) But if he reads this Im gonna warn him that if hes in any more bad moods hes gonna get his ASS kicked cuz I ain't takin NO MORE = I gotta keep the smile on da face=))) Well Im gonna write some more later...maybe even some "deeP" thoughts if i have the energy but ta ta for now for I am going to go make some toast HAVE A GOOD DAY
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